Today, we will review our spelling and vocabulary words. We will read our story for this week, "Our Class Eggs," and we will practice identifying verbs. We will also write the rough drafts of our opinion paragraphs. Finally, we'll finish with some fluency practice.


Students will:

  1. Build spelling words.
  2. Match vocabulary words with the correct definition.
  3. Correctly identify verbs in a sentence.
  4. Construct a rough draft of an opinion paragraph.
  5. Apply rate, expression, and intonation when reading aloud.

Skills Needed

Students must be able to:

  1. Read aloud.
  2. Read on a second-grade level.

Learning Coach Notes

Have your students practice spelling their spelling and sight words each day. Students should spell them correctly when they write. Use the sight word flashcards daily with your student. Mix them up, show them the words, and ask them to read the sight word. Next, do not show them the word but say the word and ask them to spell the word.|Have your student use their spelling words to write a story in their Language Arts notebook.|As your student reads "Our Class Eggs," ask them to describe the beginning, middle, and end of the story.