Talk Amongst Yourselves

Why is it a good idea to discuss your ideas with other people?



Talking about your ideas can help you make connections between what you already know and what you still have to learn or read. It can also help you find more things to enjoy about what you read. Listen to these students from England talk about one of their favorite parts of the Harry Potter series.

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Scene #




A girl is talking

A boy is talking while he is talking a group of kids go to what looks like a soccer field and pick up the various materials that are listed by the boy that is talking. As the music is playing the kids start playing a game of Quidditch.

I like the sports parts of the book because Quidditch brings another little craze to the book.

Quidditch is always a sport played upon broomsticks. There are four balls-- two bludgers, one quaffle, and a snitch.



Got it.

Get him. You did it.


A boy wearing a white shirt is talking. As he talks about Quidditch it flashes to kids playing the game.

Basically, Quidditch is the best game there is, better than football, rugby, you name it. And basically, the best bit is when you win the game, and the seeker just tries and gets the snitch.


When Harry and Hermione and Neville lost 150 points Gryffindor, I was like, oh, no. They've lost it, and they're going to come in last place again. In the end, they made up those points, and I was like, yes, I can't believe they've done it.


I think the Quidditch scenes are written with a lot of energy. You might not see the energy, but the way she writes the energy you sense is just there.


Another boy in a brown shirt is talking. It flashes to the kids playing Quidditch while he is talking.

She wrote them like this was really something to get excited about. This was the thing in the wizarding world to be excited about. Everybody follows Quidditch. You've got to know the rules, or you're a thing of the past kind of thing.








The kids in the video decide that J.K. Rowling, the author of the Harry Potter series, does something specific to make quidditch more exciting. What does she do?

These readers realize that J.K. Rowling writes about quidditch as though it's something that everyone should know about and follow in the news. It's "the thing in the wizarding world to be excited about," and that makes it more exciting for readers.