Module 5 - Science 2A (RETIRED) - Course Guide

Module Overview:

In this module you will learn about characteristics of animals, animal needs, and about the life of bees.

Module Materials:

Lesson # Lesson Title Material(s)
1 Animal Characteristics crayons or colored pencils
index cards
pen or pencil
2 Animal Needs three hole punch
crayons or colored pencils
pen or pencil
3 Behavior of Bees crayons or colored pencils
beeswax (optional)
pen or pencil

Module Objectives:

Lesson # Lesson Title Objective(s)
1 Animal Characteristics
  1. Describe characteristics of several animals.
  2. Distinguish between various character traits of animals such as stamina, strength, and gentleness.
2 Animal Needs
  1. Continue to play the game developed last week.
  2. Create an animal booklet.
3 Behavior of Bees
  1. Explore the life of bees and how they develop the honeycomb.
  2. Read the story "The Flight of the Worker Bee."
  3. Use beeswax to design a honeycomb.

Module Key Words:

Key Words
food sources
animal homes
bird’s nest
lion’s den
rabbit’s burrow
worker bees
queen bee

Module Assignments:

Lesson # Lesson Title Page # Assignment Title
1 Animal Characteristics 1 Animal Characteristics Assignment
2 Animal Needs 2 Animal Needs Assignment
3 Behavior of Bees 3 Behavior of Bees Assignment

Learning Coach Notes:


Module Guiding Questions:

When a student starts a lesson ask them questions to check for prior knowledge and understanding and to review concepts being taught. At the end of the lesson ask the questions again to see if their answer changes.

Lesson Title Question
Animal Characteristics
  1. How are animals classified?
Animal Needs
  1. What do animals have that help them survive?
Behavior of Bees
  1. Why do we need bees?

Module Video Questions:

When a student watches a video take time to ask them questions about what they watched. Suggested questions for the videos in this module are listed here. Suggestion: Have the student watch the entire video first all the way through. Then have them watch the video a second time, as they watch it pause the video and ask the questions.

Lesson Title Video Question
Animal Characteristics Animal Neighborhoods
  1. In your science notebook, describe the different environments the animals in this video live in, what kind of homes do they have, and how their needs are met where they live.
Animal Needs Animals in the Forest
  1. In your science notebook, write about the animals in this video and describe how they survive in the forest.
Behavior of Bees The Blooms and the Bees
  1. Describe the relationship between bees and flowers and why it is important.

Module Suggested Read Aloud Books:

Take time to read to your student or have them read aloud to you. Read a different book each day. While reading the book point out concepts being taught. You may purchase these books or find them at your local library. Suggested things to discuss while reading the book:

  • What is the main idea?
  • What are three things new you learned?
  • How does this book relate to what you are learning about?

# Book Author Lexile Level
1 Animal School: What Class Are You? Michelle Lord AD620L
2 Let's Classify Animals! Kelli Hicks 600L
3 My Life Science Library Animal Needs Lisa Amstutz 350L
4 Five Bizzy Honey Bees Lance Douglas
5 What If There Were No Bees?: A Book About the Grassland Ecosystem Suzanne Buckingham Slade 890L
6 The Bee Book Charlotte Milner 870L

Module Outing:

Take some time to apply what your student is learning to the real world. Suggested outings are below.

# Outing
1 If your student is able visit a local bee keeper to learn about bees and their importance. Another optional outing would be to a zoo to observe the characteristics of animals.