Module 12-Math KA - Course Guide

Module Overview:

In this module, students will select the set with the most or the fewest by counting items. They will write and count to ten and create and interact with a number line, possibly for the first time.

Module Materials:

Lesson # Lesson Title Material(s)
1 Most or Fewest pen or pencil;
2 The Number Ten pen or pencil;
3 The Number Line pen or pencil
pipe cleaner
one small bead (pipe cleaner needs to fit in the hole)

Module Objectives:

Lesson # Lesson Title Objective(s)
1 Most or Fewest
  1. Select a set with the most or fewest items.
  2. Count the items in each category and sort the categories by count.
2 The Number Ten
  1. Write the number 10.
  2. Count to 10.
3 The Number Line
  1. Create and interact with a number line.

Module Key Words:

Key Words
number line

Module Assignments:

Lesson # Lesson Title Page # Assignment Title
1 Most or Fewest 5 Most or Fewest Assignment
2 The Number Ten 7 Count to 10 Assignment
3 The Number Line 6 The Number Line Assignment

Learning Coach Notes:


Module Guiding Questions:

When a student starts a lesson ask them questions to check for prior knowledge and understanding and to review concepts being taught. At the end of the lesson ask the questions again to see if their answer changes.

Lesson Title Question
Most or Fewest
  1. What does most mean?
  2. What does fewest mean?
The Number Ten
  1. Can you count to 10?
The Number Line
  1. How can a number line help you add?

Module Video Questions:

When a student watches a video take time to ask them questions about what they watched. Suggested questions for the videos in this module are listed here. Suggestion: Have the student watch the entire video first all the way through. Then have them watch the video a second time, as they watch it pause the video and ask the questions.

Lesson Title Video Question

Module Suggested Read Aloud Books:

Take time to read to your student or have them read aloud to you. Read a different book each day. While reading the book point out concepts being taught. You may purchase these books or find them at your local library. Suggested things to discuss while reading the book:

  • What is the main idea?
  • What are three things new you learned?
  • How does this book relate to what you are learning about?

# Book Author Lexile Level
1 Ten Magic Butterflies Danica McKellar
2 Count to 10 With a Mouse Margaret Wise Brown
3 10 Blue Butterflies: A Counting Book Sam Williams
4 Ten Apples Up On Top! Theo. LeSieg 200L

Module Outing:

Take some time to apply what your student is learning to the real world. Suggested outings are below.

# Outing