Module 5-Social Studies 2A (RETIRED) - Course Guide

Module Overview:

In this module students will learn about environmental regions. Students will learn more about map skills and locating the equator, the continents, and the oceans on maps and globes and the British Isles.

Module Materials:

Lesson # Lesson Title Material(s)
1 Environmental Regions crayons or colored pencils;
2 Locating Oceans and Continents crayons or colored pencils
globe or world map
3 The Geography of the British Isles crayons or colored pencils
globe or world map

Module Objectives:

Lesson # Lesson Title Objective(s)
1 Environmental Regions
  1. Develop a more rudimentary understanding of map symbols.
  2. Describe how people in different regions adapt to their environments.
2 Locating Oceans and Continents
  1. Locate the equator, the seven continents and the five oceans on maps and globes.
  2. Further develop and refine map skills.
3 The Geography of the British Isles
  1. Locate the British Isles on a world map.

Module Key Words:

Key Words
map legend
map skills
North America
South America
British Isles
United Kingdom

Module Assignments:

Lesson # Lesson Title Page # Assignment Title
1 Environmental Regions 2 Regions of Africa Assignment
2 Locating Oceans and Continents 2 Locating Oceans and Continents Assignment
3 The Geography of the British Isles 2 The British Isles Assignment

Learning Coach Notes:


Module Guiding Questions:

When a student starts a lesson ask them questions to check for prior knowledge and understanding and to review concepts being taught. At the end of the lesson ask the questions again to see if their answer changes.

Lesson Title Question
Environmental Regions
  1. What types of regions are in Africa?
  2. What is a mountainous region like?
  3. What is a desert region like?
  4. What is a tropical region like?
  5. What is climate?
Locating Oceans and Continents
  1. What is latitude?
  2. What is longitude?
  3. What are the names of the oceans?
  4. What are the names of the continents?
  5. Which continent do you live on?
The Geography of the British Isles
  1. Where are the British Isles?
  2. What countries make up the British Isles?
  3. What makes up the United Kingdom?

Module Video Questions:

When a student watches a video take time to ask them questions about what they watched. Suggested questions for the videos in this module are listed here. Suggestion: Have the student watch the entire video first all the way through. Then have them watch the video a second time, as they watch it pause the video and ask the questions.

Lesson Title Video Question
Environmental Regions Africa’s Geography: Great Rivers and Deserts
  1. What bodies of water border Africa?
  2. What is the world’s largest desert?
  3. Where is the Sahara Desert located?
  4. What is a Savanna?
  5. Where are the Savannas located in Africa?
  6. What is Africa’s longest river?
  7. What divides Africa in Half?
  8. Where is the rainforest located in Africa?
  9. How was The Great Rift Valley Created?
  10. What is Africa’s largest lake?
  11. What is Africa’s tallest mountain?
  12. What kind of animals are in Africa?
  13. What desert is located in the southern part of Africa?
  14. How many countries are in Africa?
  15. How many people live in Africa?
Locating Oceans and Continents Maps and the Globe
  1. What tools do we use to look at the world?
  2. What is a map?
  3. What is a globe?
  4. What is a symbol?
  5. What is a legend?
  6. What are the lines called on a globe?
  7. Which direction do latitude lines run?
  8. Which direction do longitude lines run?
  9. How are latitude and longitude lines measured?
  10. What is a region?
  11. What are physical features?
The Geography of the British Isles England
  1. How is England like the United States?
  2. What side of the street do people in England drive on?
  3. What is the most popular sport in England?

Module Suggested Read Aloud Books:

Take time to read to your student or have them read aloud to you. Read a different book each day. While reading the book point out concepts being taught. You may purchase these books or find them at your local library. Suggested things to discuss while reading the book:

  • What is the main idea?
  • What are three things new you learned?
  • How does this book relate to what you are learning about?

# Book Author Lexile Level
1 Sahara Desert Megan Lappi
2 The Sahara Desert: The Biggest Desert Aileen Weintraub
3 Over in the Grasslands: On an African Savanna Marianne Berkes AD540L
4 Here Is the African Savanna Madeleine Dunphy AD720L
5 Jungle Jim and Jungle Jen In The African Rainforest Jennifer J. Bergin
6 Breakfast in the Rainforest: A Visit with Mountain Gorillas Richard Sobol
7 Africa's Great Rift Valley Nigel Pavitt
8 We're Sailing Down the Nile Laurie Krebs
9 Explore Earth's Five Oceans Bobbie Kalman NC830L
10 The Seven Continents Wil Mara
11 Explore Earth's Seven Continents Bobbie Kalman NC780L
12 All About England Susan Harrison
13 The Big Book of the UK: Facts, folklore and fascinations from around the United Kingdom Russell Williams
14 United Kingdom Gemma Greig

Module Outing:

Take some time to apply what your student is learning to the real world. Suggested outings are below.

# Outing
1 Find a place that serves a traditional English tea, such as a tearoom, hotel restaurant, or other place. Take your student out to experience it. Be sure to dress for the occasion.