Module 1-Social Studies 5B - Course Guide

Module Overview:

In this module, students will learn about the West. Students will learn about the underground railroad. Students will learn about the Civil War in our nation.

Module Materials:

Lesson # Lesson Title Material(s)
1 Texas crayons or colored pencils
pen or pencil
*Social Studies 5B Workbook, ISBN 978-1-63916-127-0 (optional)
2 Frontier Life pen or pencil
crafting supplies (optional)
3 The Underground Railroad pen or pencil;
4 A Country With Problems pen or pencil;
5 Reasons for Secession pen or pencil;
6 The War pen or pencil;
7 The End of the War pen or pencil;

Module Objectives:

Lesson # Lesson Title Objective(s)
1 Texas
  1. Describe the westward expansion of the United States.
  2. Describe the role of Sam Houston in our history.
2 Frontier Life
  1. Describe Frontier life.
3 The Underground Railroad
  1. Describe what the Underground Railroad was and why it was needed.
  2. Discuss the life of Harriet Tubman.
  3. Evaluate what it would have been like to be a slave in those days.
4 A Country With Problems
  1. Write about the Civil War and the reasons it was fought.
5 Reasons for Secession
  1. Explain "equality".
6 The War
  1. Describe the friction between the North and the South.
7 The End of the War
  1. Understand what helped lead to the end of the Civil War
  2. Understand the effects that the war had on Black Americans

Module Key Words:

Key Words
Santa Anna
The Alamo
Sam Houston
Texas Revolution
Rio Grande
Underground Railroad
Harriet Tubman
Follow the Drinking
Civil War
Abraham Lincoln
Ulysses S. Grant
Emancipation Proclamation

Module Assignments:

Lesson # Lesson Title Page # Assignment Title

Learning Coach Notes:


Module Guiding Questions:

When a student starts a lesson ask them questions to check for prior knowledge and understanding and to review concepts being taught. At the end of the lesson ask the questions again to see if their answer changes.

Lesson Title Question
  1. What was the Mexican American War?
Frontier Life
  1. What was life like on the American Frontier?
The Underground Railroad
  1. What was the Underground Railroad?
A Country With Problems
  1. What were the events leading to the Civil War?
Reasons for Secession
  1. Why did the Southern States want to secede from the United States?
The War
  1. What was life like during the Civil War?
The End of the War
  1. How did the Civil War end?

Module Video Questions:

When a student watches a video take time to ask them questions about what they watched. Suggested questions for the videos in this module are listed here. Suggestion: Have the student watch the entire video first all the way through. Then have them watch the video a second time, as they watch it pause the video and ask the questions.

Lesson Title Video Question
Texas Westward Migration
  1. What was the Louisiana Purchase?
  2. What was the cause of the War of 1812?
  3. What was the Battle of the Alamo?
  4. What was the Gold Rush of 1849?
  5. What was the Missouri Compromise?
  6. What were the arguments for and against slavery?
The Underground Railroad The Underground Railroad
  1. When were slaves first brought to America?
  2. Why was cotton so important to the U.
  3. S.
  4. economy?
  5. What was the abolitionist movement?
  6. Who were stationmasters?
  7. What was the Underground Railroad?
  8. Who are some important people from the Underground Railroad?
  9. What was the Fifteenth Amendment?
The Underground Railroad The Life of Harriet Tubman
  1. What are 5 things you learned about Harriet Tubman?
A Country With Problems Civil War and Reconstruction
  1. What were the events leading to the Civil War?
  2. What were the steps taken for Reconstruction?
  3. What are 5 things you learned from this video?
The War Causes of the Civil War
  1. What were the causes of the Civil War?
  2. What are 5 things you learned about Abraham Lincoln from this video?

Module Suggested Read Aloud Books:

Take time to read to your student or have them read aloud to you. Read a different book each day. While reading the book point out concepts being taught. You may purchase these books or find them at your local library. Suggested things to discuss while reading the book:

  • What is the main idea?
  • What are three things new you learned?
  • How does this book relate to what you are learning about?

# Book Author Lexile Level
1 Life on the Frontier Bethany Onsgard 940L
2 Daily Life in a Covered Wagon Paul Erickson
3 You Wouldn't Want to Be an American Pioneer! Jacqueline Morley
4 Westward Expansion Teresa Domnauer
5 The Civil War Peter Benoit 870L
6 Like a River: A Civil War Novel Kathy Cannon Wiechman 750L
7 Reconstruction and the Aftermath of the Civil War Lisa Colozza Cocca 860L
8 What Was the Underground Railroad? Yona Zeldis McDonough 710L
9 Voices from the Underground Railroad Kay Winters 500L

Module Outing:

Take some time to apply what your student is learning to the real world. Suggested outings are below.

# Outing