Science 4 B - Consolidated Materials List

Module 1-Science 4B
pen or pencil
materials to create a homemade musical instrument (optional)
walking spring toy, such as a slinky® (optional)
medium-sized bowl (optional)
plastic cling wrap (for covering food) (optional)
rubber band (optional)
several grains of uncooked rice (optional)
metal clothes hanger with no plastic coating (optional)
2 pieces of string about 1 meter long (optional)
metric ruler (plastic) (optional)
9 drinking glasses, the same size if possible (optional)
pitcher (optional)
metal spoon (optional)
*Science 4B Workbook, ISBN 978-1-63916-045-7 (optional)
2–3 trays of ice cubes
3 small zip-close plastic bags
watch or clock
3 bowls
3 identical plastic cups
materials for wrapping cups (such as bubble wrap, aluminum foil, plastic bags, newspaper, cardboard, or cloth)
tape or glue
large, shallow baking pan
plastic report cover, clear (optional)
markers (optional)
scissors (optional)
tape or glue (optional)
cardboard paper towel tube, cut to 20 cm long (optional)
construction paper (black) (optional)
plastic wrap (10 cm square) (optional)
wax paper (10 cm square) (optional)
small, colorful, and lightweight objects such as transparent beads, shiny confetti, and sequins (optional)
magazines (optional)
poster board (optional)
quarter (optional)
large, shallow baking pan (optional)
3 index cards (optional)
mounting tack (for holding cards upright) (optional)
flashlight (optional)
Module 2-Science 4B
pen or pencil
materials for making a poster (optional)
tape or glue
meter stick or tape measure
digital camera
2 bar-shaped or cylindrical magnets, of the same type (optional)
objects to test for magnetic attraction (optional)
paper clips (large and small) (optional)
10 small metal washers, all the same size (about 2 cm in diameter) (optional)
masking tape (optional)
1 needle (optional)
1 cork (optional)
sharp knife and an adult helper to use it (optional)
small dish (optional)
nails (iron or steel) (optional)
60 cm of insulated copper wire, with the insulation stripped off of both ends (optional)
1 d battery (optional)
d battery
copper wire
2 metal thumbtacks
metal and non-metal objects
1 pair of socks
2 balloons
tap water
long string
nails (zinc or copper)
Module 3-Science 4B
pen or pencil
1 box of gelatin (optional)
1-gallon plastic bag with zip seal (optional)
fruits and candies (optional)
markers (optional)
materials to make a model (optional)
digital or physical materials to create a visual of organisms from geologic time periods (optional)
sponge (no scrubber side)
plastic cup
bath salts (such as epsom salts--they must contain magnesium sulfate)
1 apple (optional)
an earthworm (in a jar with soil) (optional)
1 rock (optional)
2 drinking glasses (optional)
leaf (optional)
4 shallow trays (could be cookie sheet, pie tin, cake pan, etc.) (optional)
50 cereal o's (optional)
50 dry spaghetti sticks (optional)
50 marbles (optional)
50 raisins (optional)
timer (optional)
toothpick (optional)
pair of tweezers (optional)
clothespin (optional)
spoon (optional)
brown paper lunch bag (you could substitute a medium-sized bowl) (optional)
Module 4-Science 4B
49 index cards
crayons or colored pencils
pen or pencil
4 different vegetables from different parts of plants (leaf, root, stem, fruit, flower)
salad bowl
salad dressing
2 small glasses
2 different colors of food coloring (dark colors are best)
large stalk of celery
3 different types of flowers
2 different types of seed pods (optional)
magnifying glass (optional)
drawing paper (optional)
crayons or colored pencils (optional)
drawing paper
Module 5-Science 4B
pen or pencil
blindfold (optional)
2 objects that are interesting to touch (optional)
2 objects that are interesting to taste (optional)
2 objects that are interesting to smell (optional)
2 objects that make sounds (optional)
deck of cards (optional)
small box, like a shoe box (optional)
scissors (optional)
cardboard or heavy paper to make dividers (optional)
tape (optional)
black paper (optional)
small bean plant (optional)
variety of fruits, vegetables, and nuts (optional)
materials to create a seed display (optional)
drawing paper (optional)
crayons or colored pencils (optional)
long piece of paper or 3–4 pieces taped together (optional)
metric ruler (plastic) (optional)
index cards (optional)
markers (optional)
crayons or colored pencils
Module 6-Science 4B
pen or pencil
box for a diorama
cardboard, heavy paper, and/or modeling clay to make creatures
200 of one color plastic building brick or block (optional)
20 of another color of block (optional)
2 of a third color of block (optional)
1 of a fourth color of block (optional)
1 apple (optional)
knife (optional)
napkin (optional)
objects from the trash or recycling to make recycled art (optional)
art supplies for creating recycled art (optional)