Science 1 A - Consolidated Materials List

Module 1: Scientists-Science 1A
crayons or colored pencils
Module 2: Seasons and Patterns- Science 1A
items from nature walk
Module 3: Nature and Soil- Science 1A
gardening tools (shovel, trowel, rake)
glass jars, 2 with metal lids, (medium and large)
soil samples from outside
food coloring
magnifying glass
old sheet or towel
wax paper
electric iron
items from nature walk
Module 4: Seeds and Living Things- Science 1A
lettuce seeds (or similar)
egg carton, cardboard
potting soil
Module 5: Animals- Science 1A
magnifying glass
tracing paper (or other lightweight paper)
items from nature walk
thin cardboard (various sizes)
building materials
camera or phone to take pictures (optional)
printer to print picture (optional)
Module 6: Birds- Science 1A
construction paper
peanut butter
bird seed
Module 7: Basic Needs- Science 1A
Module 8: Weather Charts and Light- Science 1A
yardstick or tape measure
cardboard, thin (various sizes)
pin or nail, 1 small
outdoor thermometer
Module 9: Clouds- Science 1A
boiling water
glass jars, 2 with metal lids, (medium and large)
ice cubes
cotton balls
Module 10: Adaptation and Change- Science 1A
paper plates, 2
brass fastener
camera or phone to take pictures
Module 11: Living with Nature- Science 1A
glass jars, 2 with metal lids, (medium and large)
celery stalks with the leaves still on
food coloring
Module 12: Adaptation and Offspring- Science 1A
clothespins that open and close
small items (like beads)
Module 13: Winter and Temperature- Science 1A
baking soda
sand or dirt
bowls, 5 small
stopwatch or timer
thermometer, outdoor
magnifying glass
fabric or paper, black (optional)
paper, 8 1/2 x 11"
Module 14: Trees and Investigations-Science 1A
ice cubes
materials like aluminum foil, paper towels, cotton, Styrofoam, or fabric
leaves, assorted
Module 15: Responses and Light- Science 1A
images for collage
plastic cups, 3 (1 clear, 1 translucent, 1 solid-colored)
paper, cardboard, or other materials to test how light travels
Module 16: Hibernation and Migration- Science 1A
(no materials needed)
Module 17: Erosion and Water-Science 1A
plastic cups, 3 (1 clear, 1 translucent, 1 solid colored)
sand or dirt
electric fan (with at least 2 settings)
Module 18: Constellations and the Sun-Science 1A
(no materials needed)